Cutting The Cord: Mobilizing Manufacturing Intelligence

10 Mar Cutting The Cord: Mobilizing Manufacturing Intelligence

Mobilizing Manufacturing IntelligenceWhen it comes to manufacturing, digestible insight for operations performance generally means being chained to a desk. That’s because in the past, accessing information on the go was accomplished either a) on a small smartphone screen where data was hard to sift through or b) on a laptop that had to be lugged across a manufacturing floor. However, the rise of the tablet—specifically, the iPad—has been a game changer. With constant Web connection, long battery life, and instant “on,” the iPad is the perfect piece of hardware to put into the hands of key executives.

Article Highlights:

  • The iPad’s operating system provides a new way to touch applications and manipulate data.
  • The iPad’s simplicity and intuitive design make it possible to drill down rapidly into the latest data sets, and can even make slicing and dicing data fun.
  • The iPad’s ability to make unfiltered, real-time information readily consumable also eliminates the need for interpretation or summarization, giving executives an accurate, undiluted view of every aspect of operations.

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