Advanced MES Solutions

Using Digital Accelerators with MES

Accelerate Product Control and Manufacturing Execution Software to Drives Results

Use our Accelerator Apps to eliminate inefficiencies and make faster decisions with accurate, easy-to-read, real-time information  Drive productivity, lower costs, and gain a competitive edge. 


  • Get richer manufacturing information for all your plant operations
  • Accelerate continuous improvement initiatives to drive business growth and transform the shop floor into a center of excellence
  • Reduce scrap, waste, and machine downtime with improved cycle times and production schedule efficiency with better data.

Advanced MES improved with Accelerator Apps

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Production Monitoring

Real-Time Metrics for Increased Productivity

Accurate data is the starting point for better decisions. Advanced MES captures data directly from machines and operators to deliver real-time production metrics and analytics in a format you can use.

  • Visual production tools show what’s really happening in cycle times, uptime and scrap rates
  • Improve cycle times, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and plant productivity

Process Monitoring & Analytics

Detailed Insights for Rapid Decision-Making

MES accelerator apps puts operational data trends at your fingertips, creating a real-time view of process parameters. Save time by skipping manual analysis and get the right to identifying problems and making quicker, informed strategic decisions.

  • Using our Reporting Accelerator, Integrate with BI systems so you can turn data into actionable insights or use our purpose built BI for MES accelerator module.
  • Increase responsiveness with contextual insights across your entire enterprise
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Take Energy Monitoring to the next level

Tackle and Control Energy Consumption

You can’t avoid energy consumption costs in production—but with Energy Monitoring plugins, we can provide simplified data collection to  identify and act on opportunities for improvement.

  • Access real-time, web-based scorecards to analyze, report and track energy usage
  • Analyze load patterns, production requirements, and resource demands with rich data.
  • Coupled with  Advanced MES functionality , Schedule workloads and improve the cost of goods sold

Sage Clarity is Your Dedicated Advanced MES Partner

We work hand and glove with clients and partners to implement Advanced MES across all industries.

  • Our 20+ years of experience in this space makes us uniquely qualified to deliver success in Advanced MES implementations
  • Our industry benchmarks for OEE enable powerful business cases with compelling ROI for MES deployments.
  • We focus on MES accelerators, so partners and solutions can deliver what they do best and we can focus on what we do best.
  • Our complimentary Industry 4.0 MES  plug-in apps extend the value of Advanced MES with cutting edge concepts not offered in other solutions

MES Accelerator Apps

for your Advanced MES Implementations

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Next-Gen Andon – Issue Response Accelerator

Instant Awareness of Production Interruptions

Ensure processes are being carried out efficiently and reliably. Our Andon system is a truly next generation technology, essential to improving your manufacturing KPIs.


  • Alerting technology using email, SMS, HMIs and plant floor terminals so no stoppage goes unnoticed.
  • Predefined distribution and escalation processes alert only the people who need to know and improve accountability.
  • Both automated and operator created alerts ensure your production is operation full steam ahead.
  • The Andon reporting center summarizes ticket information by line, area, and status.

Oneview – Reporting Accelerator

For Real-time Manufacturing Analytics

Monitor efficiency of individual production lines, plants, or your entire operation. Oneview will act as your operations atomic clock, with everyone looking at the same production metrics and working towards the same goals.

  • Oneview can be installed on top of existing analytics solutions, or stand-alone, to help you aggregate high-level production KPIs
  • Engage your employees in supply chain improvement programs with One View’s multi-device compatibility
  • Analytics that span multiple business processes and disparate systems. Easily integrate with most major BI systems—SAP, Oracle, Epicor, and Microsoft.
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It really appealed to our team that they weren’t going to be inundated with a massive database. It also allows us to talk numbers and data, rather than feelings and instincts and stories.

Peter Gibbons – Chief Supply Chain Officer, Mattel
Swimming in the Shallows, APICS Magazine

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ABLE™ – Data Collection Accelerator

Powering IIoT from the Edge

Edge analytics drives root cause analysis that delivers data to your Andon, EMI, and QMS to help you root out issues with productivity and keep your operations lean.


  • ABLE integrates IIoT edge data into business systems—MES, SCADA, ERPs, etc.
  • Production line modeling determines the root cause of downtime so you can be up and running more quickly.
  • AutoTagging reduces integration costs by 70%, and requires up to 80% less PLC programming, so you can achieve a faster return on investment. –

Learn how Sage Clarity’s MES Accelerator Suite  can power your business and improve production performance.

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