The Factory Media Center

Our Goal

Creating a new environment for reviewing and interacting with data on the plant floor

Clarity Consulting

The Vision

Collaboration taken to a new level…

An environment on the factory floor which :

  • Immerses the operators in plant performance data
  • Integrates operators engineers, 3rd party vendors with the root cause problem solving process
  • Guarantees the use of common templates, 5 why, fishbone, etc.
  • Ensures continuous improvement activity is immediately shared, not waiting on being typed up and circulated
  • Creates total visibility, connectivity and accountability for performance across the entire business

How to Make It Happen

Factory Media Center

Integrating tools to help in information sharing, issue escalation, and collaborative problem solving through the Factory Media Center


Letting You Know: Information Sharing

Global Performance Metrics:

Quick access to performance at any level provides visibility and transparency

Factory Media Center 3
Factory Media Center 4

Team Scorecards:

Performance metrics by shift can highlight potential shift or time related issues where additional resources could help

Line Status:

Multiple views of performance (by line, crew, bottling hall, status) provides a quick snap shot of total plant performance and identifies areas where help is needed

Factory Media Center 5

Fixing It: Collaborative Problem Solving

FMC Team Room:

A quiet place very close to the production line where the team can perform real-time root cause problem solving, with access to data and a white board

  • Quiet room with enough space for operators in an entire line to quickly meet
  • Access to internet and all other reporting tools to obtain necessary data for problem solving
  • Multi-functional Factory Media Center can act as a white board, a monitor, and an interactive display

Standardized Tools:

Utilizing the Factory Media Center to store standardized problem solving tools (with examples) will encourage use of tools in real-time and help improve the quality of the problem solving

Technology Used:

  • The Solarsoft MEI platform for scoreboarding
  • SMART Meeting Pro Software
  • Smart Board by Smart Technologies
  • Clarity design & Integration services
Factory Media Center 7