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12 Feb Next-Generation Andon Success Story – Cook Medical

Real-time Alerts Generating Real ROI Today's world is a hyper-competitive manufacturing environment. Challenges related to maintenance, quality, safety and delivery issues remain on the rise. We have seen in our Benchmark Studies This report analyzed over 500,000 potential causes of downtime in just a 3-month period...

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23 Jan Product Tour: One View Reporting Accelerator

 Manufacturing KPIS in Intuitive Dashboards That Accelerate Reporting One View is a new dashboarding experience that provides real-time insights into your supply chain performance. With One View, you can access relevant KPIs, drill down into the causes and effects of your metrics, and leverage your existing...

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23 Jan Next-Gen Andon System by Sage Clarity

Discover the power of Sage Clarity’s Next-Gen Andon System Our digital Andon system is a cloud-based solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems. Experience improved communication between operators and engineers, reduced downtime, and enhanced quality improvements. Dive into the features of our Andon system, from...

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23 Jan Product Tour: ABLE View – Data Collection Accelerator

ABLE View — Enhancing Manufacturing Analytics ABLE enhances manufacturing analytics by identifying the root cause, not symptoms, of line stops and inefficiencies. ABLE is a Data Collection Accelerator that models production lines, integrates IoT edge data into business systems, and provides root-cause analysis for downtime and...

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23 Jan How to Configure & Customize Sage Clarity Digital Andon System

Customize your Andon System to Improve Your Manufacturing Efficiency The Andon system is a visual management tool that enables real-time communication of production status, issues, and performance. Digital Andon systems provide real-time visibility, integration with other systems, and powerful analytics, equipping manufacturers with the tools needed...

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23 Jan EMI/OEE Implementation

We worked with CBC to implement an EMI system, resulting in increased plant efficiency by 5 OEE (overall equipment efficiency) points. This system also allowed users to drill down into all metrics measured by system to find and resolve issues and identify efficiency opportunities. The Central...

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