Sage Clarity Solutions for Auto Production

IIoT Automation and EMI Software for the Automotive Industry

Enterprise-wide manufacturing analytics solutions that help automotive companies monitor and improve their operations

Today’s automotive manufacturers are squeezed from all sides—downward price pressure, complex global supply chains, and quicker time to market.

To handle this economic environment, those in the auto industry need to operate quick, efficient production lines, while maintaining compliance with stringent quality controls.

Our enterprise manufacturing intelligence platform incorporates real-time analytics so you can monitor quality, OEE, inventory, and other important KPIs to help your business:

  • Reduce costs
  • Execute closed-loop planning
  • Improve OEE

Sage Clarity is an award winning manufacturing technology provider and EMI platform. Our team of manufacturing experts can customize a solution to help you improve your global automotive operations.

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Harness the Power of Real-time KPIs

Improve decision making across your enterprise. Learn what it takes to develop a KPI strategy to migrate from static to real-time KPIs.

Manufacturing Insights for the Automotive Industry

When Planning Rates Fail Us

How we use real-time data to improve planning rates and schedule adherence.

While many manufacturers already are executing Six Sigma, lean, total productive maintenance or other improvement strategies, there’s a better way to sustain performance gains. That is by implementing real-time, highly granular data supplied by EMI plus S&OP technology.

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Data-driven Supply Chain Barriers

Overcome the great barriers to a data-driven supply chain

Because Mattel is an exceedingly seasonal business, as many as 80 percent of its products are modified annually. “We can’t just hope it all works out; we need a data-driven mentality that allows us to make better decisions and drive the right kind of improvement,” Gibbons says.

Shallow-dive analytics is a new approach to managing the enormity of big data and the resulting information overload via a one-click, quick review of only the information that is most pertinent to business objectives. By focusing on key performance indicators (KPIs), proponents believe that the shallow-dive concept can enhance supply chain performance through better and less-time-consuming data management.

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