One View – Reporting Accelerator

One View - Reporting Accelerator for Supply Chain Metrics

Digital Transformation Metrics

Your Go-to Dashboard for Manufacturing KPIs

Enabling digital transformation improvements by providing Real-Time/Shallow-Dive™ for all levels of an organization reducing information overload and getting the right information to the right people at the right time.

  • Themes of metrics grouped into mini-apps
  • Connected apps and connected metrics – 1 metric leads into others for drill-down
  • Spans the entire customer/operational/supplier value chain
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A Unified Dashboard with
Theme-based Mini Apps

Enabling digital transformation improvements by providing Real-Time/Shalow-Dive™ for all levels of an organization.

A new dashboarding experience: themes of metrics grouped into mini-apps

Sage Clarity - One View - Mini Apps
oneview OEE dashboard


Delivering Manufacturing KPIs that Matter

Less-is-more: One View’s sophisticated Shallow-dive analytics offers organizations immediate access to relevant KPIs.

Having information and KPIs one month after the fact makes for slow decision making; combining such BI systems with One View’s real-time system offers the best of both worlds: leveraging your current BI investment with innovative real-time capabilities. Shallow dive analytics provide a quick understanding of where the business is right now.

Mobile or Desktop

On-demand Manufacturing Analytics

Quicker decisions • Mobile-device optimized • Unified technology

Engage your employees in supply chain improvement programs with One View’s cross-platform framework.

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Desktop
OEE dashboard on mobile devices
One View - Colloaboration

Collaboration and Conversation

Enabling teamwork by fostering conversations around metrics

One View allows organizations to share KPIs among team members and have a conversation. By providing multiple metrics-based apps, team members can review and collaborate around KPIs and perform their own cause/effect analysis. One View goes deeper than just sharing numbers: apps and entire analytical models can be shared, bringing rich information into conversations with just a few swipes.

Collaboration • Conversation • Teamwork

Deep Value Chain Integration

Insight from all over your enterprise without the integration headaches.

Business integration and technology integration in 1 package.  One View truly integrates businesses by providing analytics spanning multiple business processes and disparate systems.  One View has pre-build integration with most major systems:

In addition to:

One View - Reporting Accelerator and apps we can integrate with

Rich information from:

One View - Reporting Accelerator Value Chain - Rich Information

Digital Transformation • CRM • Quality • Logistics • Plant Maintenance • Warehouse

Purpose Built Analytics-diagram

Custom analytics without custom headaches

Purpose Built Manufacturing Analytics

One View starts where most business intelligence systems end. Our focus is to provide an understanding of the cause and effect based on identifying relationships and behaviors with a model, context or scenario within supply chains.

Indirect KPIsŸ • Direct KPIs • Contextual Metrics

Structured Methodology

When properly implemented, moving from static to real-time metrics can be a game-changer for organizations. One View focuses first on your business processes and then the technology. Leveraging our Real-Time KPI Maturity Matrix™, organization achieve a much higher ROI with business intelligence initiatives.

From 50 KPI's to 10 Static to Real Time KPI Maturity

Identify current KPIs • examine complexity/frequency • identify quick year 1 wins

Cost-effective • Fast • Easy

Check out how CosmeticCo is using One View

One View Platform Elements Scorecard Views

OEE scorecards at the plant level

Custom Analytics

downtime chart and OEE waterfall

Goal Attainment Scenario Planning

one view, OEE goal setting

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