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The Transportation and Logistics market is complex, requiring real-time visibility from start to finish. Customer’s expect top-notch service and the ability to use their mobile devices to monitor their supply chain.

With new competition challenging the old ways, companies must act quickly by improving operations, distribution and management. Sage Clarity business intelligence software helps organizations keep track of and effectively react to global competition, market consolidation, and changes to cost.

Sage Clarity can help enable intelligent asset strategies to reduce costs, improve reliability and availability, while minimizing risk. By combining data from different sources and presenting them to you in real-time, you are able to develop optimized plans that span each area of your operation so you can achieve better results.

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Harness the Power of Real-time KPIs

Improve decision making across your enterprise. Learn what it takes to develop a KPI strategy to migrate from static to real-time KPIs.

Insights for Transportation & Logistics Operations

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Overcome the great barriers to a data-driven supply chain

Because Mattel is an exceedingly seasonal business, as many as 80 percent of its products are modified annually. “We can’t just hope it all works out; we need a data-driven mentality that allows us to make better decisions and drive the right kind of improvement,” Gibbons says.

Shallow-dive analytics is a new approach to managing the enormity of big data and the resulting information overload via a one-click, quick review of only the information that is most pertinent to business objectives. By focusing on key performance indicators (KPIs), proponents believe that the shallow-dive concept can enhance supply chain performance through better and less-time-consuming data management.

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Cutting the Cord: Mobilizing Manufacturing Intelligence

When it comes to manufacturing, digestible insight for operations performance generally means being chained to a desk. That’s because in the past, accessing information on the go was accomplished either a) on a small smartphone screen where data was hard to sift through or b) on a laptop that had to be lugged across a manufacturing floor. However, the rise of the tablet—specifically, the iPad—has been a game changer. With constant Web connection, long battery life, and instant “on,” the iPad is the perfect piece of hardware to put into the hands of key executives.

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