Industry 4.0 Accelerator Apps

We’ve developed our Accelerator Apps to provide faster value realization without disruption to inherent plant-wide and multi-plant value. We do all this with no new PLC code.

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Digital Transformation Accelerator Apps

Sage Clarity Provides:

  • Industry 4.0 Accelerator Apps for Digital Transformations
  • Innovative and unique solutions – solving customers’ challenges in a new way
  • Seamless integration and richer data by feeding plant floor systems: MES, EAM, SCADA and ERP
  • A proven track record – Digital Transformation success by combining proven software with expert guidance
  • Accelerators that don’t force you to choose between Modern apps and Comprehensive MES

With Sage Clarity’s suite of apps, you can accelerate speed and agility without sacrificing governance, risk compliance, and stability of Level ISA985 and Level 1-2-3 systems. If you need a data infrastructure that’s broader yet quicker and simpler to implement and increment with no disruptions to the existing MES process.

Andon tablet.


Our visible alert system focuses on process correction and improvement acceleration and keeps workers and managers in the know, letting them fix issues quickly. The Next-Gen Andon can be integrated with your MES, EMI system, and even your existing Andon lights to provide intelligent alarms, alerts, and engineer-to-operator collaboration in real-time.

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ABLE models machines and production lines with no modification to PLC logic. ABLE actively monitors your production lines, accelerates data collection, and provides root-cause analysis in real time and digital twin recordings for analysis.

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oneview OEE dashboard


Less is more, which is why One View delivers the manufacturing KPIs that matter. One View’s sophisticated Real-Time/Shallow-Dive™ analytics accelerator for production intelligence offers organizations immediate access to relevant KPIs.

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We have more uptime in our lines by raising productivity with the proper management tools, which allows us to launch new products faster. We are very happy with what we’ve done so far, and we’ll be deploying at other plants with Sage Clarity this year.

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~ Carlos Estrada – Corporate Packaging Manager, cbc

These are #apps that, after a few weeks’ implementation, can transform data in many dimensions. This includes connection to machines for data collection, transforming data into analyzed intelligence for metrics and root cause analysis, alerts, and collaboration between people.

~ Julie Fraser, Tech Clarity

Three things to think about when selecting a solution for digital transformation.

  • Industry Knowledge
  • Domain Expertise
  • Strong Track Record

Sage Clarity has teamed up with some of the world's largest manufacturers to improve their operations.

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