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Target • Improve • Sustain

Clarity Consulting provides a framework of advisory services to Target, Improve, and Sustain your manufacturing enablement systems. We help establish the baseline and targets by process with assigned financial value, then select a “learn by doing” approach with the key process(es) first. Whether Quality Management, Manufacturing Intelligence, or Mobile Data Management – Clarity Consulting provides strategic direction to implement best practices. Data coaching sessions are then held via remote web conference and onsite, with ongoing training on the technology to increase engagement at all levels of the organization.

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Clarity Consulting Framework
Manufacturing KPIs: Static to Real-Time

Structured Methodology

When properly implemented, moving from static to real-time metrics can be a game-changer for organizations. Sage Clarity focuses first on your business processes and then the technology. Leveraging our Real-Time KPI Maturity Matrix™, organization achieve a much higher ROI with business intelligence initiatives.

Sage Clarity engagement managers use a five phase deployment of advisory services to ensure a successful implementation with key leaders throughout the organization. Throughout this process we continue to assess and recommend best opportunities for improvement.

Sage Clarity Consulting Model

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