Manufacturing Intelligence Software

Supply Chain Metrics

Enabling supply chain improvements by providing Real-Time/Shallow-Dive™ for all levels of an organization reducing information overload and getting the right information to the right people at the right time.

  • Themes of metrics grouped into mini-apps
  • Connected apps and connected metrics – 1 metric leads into others for drill-down
  • Spans the entire customer/operational/supplier value chain
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Supply Chain Metrics

Collaboration • Purpose-Built Analytics • Contextualization

Manufacturing-Intelligence Lego

Manufacturing Intelligence

Gain real and actionable insight into manufacturing improvement opportunities for your business – within the individual plant or across the entire enterprise.

  • Aggregation and propagation to/from any system
  • Contextualization for ease-of-insight
  • Analysis and Visualization using real-time information and intuitive dashboards
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OEE Analytics • Production & Performance Tracking  • Real-Time Scheduling

Quality Management

Gain actionable insight into quality control opportunities at all levels in your business – plant level and/or across the entire enterprise – from customer’s customer to supplier’s supplier if needed.

  • Consolidate multiple environments and increase quality data accuracy
  • Centralized Quality Hub and dashboards
  • Track and trace quality throughout the entire supply chain
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Quality Mangement

Workflow Management • Increased visibility and traceability • Multi-level data mining

ABLE™ – IIoT Gateway

ABLE enables transforming IoT data into business systems (MES, SCADA, ERP apps, etc.).

A lightweight, root-cause IoT solution that leverages OPC UA technology and allows enterprises to simplify control architectures

  • New intelligent Auto-tagging Business Logic Engine
  • ABLE is a configurable middleware service between automation systems and your MES, SCADA and ERP software.
  • It uses modular modeling of machine centers with a powerful logic engine to combine state and line flow to determine root cause on complex production lines.
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OPC UA Middleware • IIoT Solution  • Root Cause Analysis

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