ABLE – IOT Cloud based root cause analysis

Edge analytics for an interactive production line

Edge analytics drives root cause analysis that delivers data to your Andon, EMI, and QMS to help you root out issues with productivity and keep your operations lean.

Benefits of ABLE:

  • ABLE integrates IIoT edge data into business systems—MES, SCADA, ERPs, etc.
  • Production line modeling determines the root cause of downtime so you can be up and running more quickly
  • AutoTagging reduces integration costs by 50%, so you can achieve a faster return on investment.
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ABLE™ is your IIoT Gateway for cloud computing

Skip PLC programming. Integrate PLC data directly into your MES & ERP.

ABLE enables transforming IoT data into business systems (MES, SCADA, ERP apps, etc.).

A lightweight, root-cause IoT solution that leverages OPC UA technology and allows enterprises to simplify control architectures. With an OPC and cloud-based configuration solution, you don’t need a concentrator PLC.  Connect to each PLC on the line directly and correlate the data across PLCs. Removing data storage and data transformations from PLCs allows enterprises to treat the PLC as an IoT device, simplifying their control architectures.

ABLE is ISA-95 compliant and works with the standard to allow it to determine state logic. ISA-95 is an standard from the International Society of Automation for developing an automated interface between enterprise and control systems.

How your production benefits:

  • Less cost – Reduces integration cost for AutoTagging by 50% to provide faster return on investment.
  • Less coding – Reduces PLC Programming for AutoTagging by over 80%
  • Less miscues – Accurately identifies, tags and reports root causes for line stops, to let you improve line efficiency… more efficiently.
  • Less noise – Enhances analytics to specifically identify root cause, not symptoms to build trust in reporting.
  • Less hassle – Reduces cost associated with change management by over 80% by housing the code remotely.
iiot gateway

how able™ works

Production Line Modeling

As simultaneous or overlapping events occur, ABLE’s logic engine can determine the root cause for downtime at the constraining asset. This includes:

  • Sequential line flows
  • Parallel line flows
  • Conditional line flows

Root Cause Analysis

  • Simple signals read from machine or conveyor PLCs mapped into states/ reasons with order of precedence.
  • No need for reason code logic in PLCs.
  • No need for messaging between PLCs.
  • Imports downtime reason lists. Users can pick from lists to map codes.

Advanced Equipment States

Machines starved / blocked state is propagated and surrounding machines turn red and yellow.Typical equipment states include…

  • Running/Producing – Used to indicate the asset is actively producing product
  • Blocked – Indicates the asset is blocked by an external discharge condition
  • Starved – Indicates the asset is starved by external feed condition
  • Failed – Indicates the asset is not operating due to an internal fault or condition
  • Idle – Indicates the asset is not operating due to planned downtime, non-scheduled, or non- 
selected condition. Also used for workcells where blocked/starved do not apply.

Better together. able™ + Next-gen andon

The Power of Our Industry 4.0 Suite

Use ABLE™ as a data pipeline for your manufacturing analytics. Its equipment state analysis can be fed into our next-gen andon system to alert you when production isn’t humming at full speed. Not only will you know a problem exists, but exactly where and what it is.

  • ABLE™ edge computing analyzes data from your production line and delivers root-cause analysis when issues arise, and can even predict upcoming production issues.
  • Next-gen Andon pushes alerts to the Factory Media Center, shop floor HMIs, and to mobile devices, giving you instant awareness of your production line operations.
  • Oneview manufacturing analytics gives you all the KPIs you need in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Read more about ABLE™ in ProFood World



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