ABLE – IOT Cloud based root cause analysis

ABLE - IOT Cloud based root cause analysis

– What Is It?

  • New intelligent Auto-tagging Business Logic Engine
  • ABLE is a configurable middleware service between automation systems and your MES, SCADA and ERP software.
  • It uses modular modeling of machine centers with a powerful logic engine to combine state and line flow to determine root cause on complex production lines.
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Line Modeling.

As simultaneous or overlapping events occur, ABLE’s logic engine can determine the root cause for downtime at the constraining asset. This includes:

  • Sequential line flows
  • Parallel line flows
  • Conditional line flows

Root Cause

  • Simple signals read from machine or conveyor PLCs mapped into states/ reasons with order of precedence.
  • No need for reason code logic in PLCs.
  • No need for messaging between PLCs.
  • Imports downtime reason lists. Users can pick from lists to map codes.

Advanced Equipment States

Typical equipment states include…

  • Running/Producing – Used to indicate the asset is actively producing product
  • Blocked – Indicates the asset is blocked by an external discharge condition
  • Starved – Indicates the asset is starved by external feed condition
  • Failed – Indicates the asset is not operating due to an internal fault or condition
  • Idle – Indicates the asset is not operating due to planned downtime, non-scheduled, or non- 
selected condition. Also used for workcells where blocked/starved do not apply.

IIoT Solution

ABLE enables transforming IoT data into business systems (MES, SCADA, ERP apps, etc.).

A lightweight, root-cause IoT solution that leverages OPC UA technology and allows enterprises to simplify control architectures

ISA-95 Compatibility

ISA-95 is an standard from the International Society of Automation for developing an automated interface between enterprise and control systems.

ABLE is ISA-95 compliant and works with the standard to allow it to determine state logic


  • less miscues – Accurately identifies, tags and reports root causes for line stops, to let you improve line efficiency… more efficiently.
  • less noise – Enhances analytics to specifically identify root cause, not symptoms to build trust in reporting.
  • less hassle – Reduces cost associated with change management by over 80% by housing the code remotely.
  • less cost – Reduces integration cost for AutoTagging by 50% to provide faster return on investment.
  • less coding – Reduces PLC Programming for AutoTagging by over 80%

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