Sage Clarity’s IIoT Solutions Power Productivity

IIoT Solutions Power Productivity

28 Apr Sage Clarity’s IIoT Solutions Power Productivity

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a robust technological advancement that can bridge the divide between your operation’s physical and digital parts, unlock hidden productivity levels, and pave the way for quality improvements. IIoT is just one of the Industry 4.0 technologies that are revolutionizing manufacturing. By connecting, monitoring, measuring, and analyzing all facets of the manufacturing process, IIoT technologies allow for the collection of real-time analytics at the edge of organizations. Read on to learn how Sage Clarity’s IIoT solutions can help your business reach new heights in productivity.

Industry 4.0 and IIoT

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 are terms used to describe how companies leverage technological advances to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve product quality. While these two terms seem interchangeable, they have distinct meanings. This blog post will explore the relationship between Industry 4.0 and IoT and discuss why IIoT is essential for any modern manufacturing operation.

With IIoT driving the many advances associated with Industry 4.0, it’s clear that these two terms are closely related but not interchangeable; while IoT provides a means for collecting data from across an operation in real-time, it’s up to companies to use that data effectively if they want to take full advantage of Industry 4.0’s potential benefits. By understanding how IIoT contributes to both productivity improvements and cost savings across their operations, manufacturers can ensure that they’re staying ahead of their competition when it comes to leveraging technological advancements for business success.

Sage Clarity drives Industry 4.0 strategy for manufacturers

Sage Clarity’s IIoT solutions connect operational technology with production management, manufacturing execution systems, logistics, and enterprise planning systems. This allows for continuous visibility into the production process so that operations can be monitored in real-time and any issues or bottlenecks can be identified and addressed quickly. Additionally, advanced manufacturing analytics tools provide insights into performance issues, while IIoT edge computing solutions alert you when downtime occurs so corrective action can be taken immediately.

The “art of the possible” is made a reality through Sage Clarity’s IIoT technology. By connecting facets of the manufacturing process to the cloud, data can be collected in real-time at the edge of your organization—allowing you to understand better how different elements affect overall production efficiency. With this understanding comes insight into how processes across departments interact with one another, thus allowing for improved strategic decision-making that leads to enhanced productivity and cost savings. Here are some of the critical components of Sage Clarity’s IIoT solutions and how they benefit manufacturing organizations:

Sage Clarity’s Automation Business Logic Engine, or ABLE™, is a revolutionary system that models machines and production lines without modifying any existing PLC logic. This system allows for remote deployment and produces 5X higher data fidelity than other systems, creating more actionable intelligence.

ABLE™ works by gathering IIoT edge data and integrating it into business systems like MES, SCADA, and ERPs. This allows for improved production line modeling so that root causes of downtime can be found quickly, and you can get up and running again as soon as possible. Additionally, ABLE™ features auto-tagging, which reduces integration costs by 50%, giving you a faster return on investment.

Next-Gen Andon
Sage Clarity’s next-gen Andon system is a cloud-based system that enables you to monitor production, identify potential problems, and quickly respond when issues arise. The system is easy to use and intuitive and provides many features designed to make production management easier. Let’s look at what makes this system so powerful.

Sage Clarity’s next-gen Andon system is designed to be user-friendly while providing advanced features that allow you to optimize your production process. Here are some of the key features included with the system:

  • Role-based alarms notify the right person at the right time based on alarm type and location; integrate with your existing Andon lights system; integrate with your MES or ERP systems; digital alerts on operator HMIs and factory floor displays; built-in reporting to track alerts over time and response time; integrate machine related and non-machine related issues.
  • The role-based alarms feature is particularly useful as it ensures that the right people receive notifications at the correct times, making it easier for them to respond quickly when issues arise. The impressive integration capabilities allow you to quickly connect your existing systems with the Andon system and reap all its benefits.

Using Sage Clarity’s next-generation Andon System can bring numerous benefits to your manufacturing process, including improved communication between operators and engineers, better continuous improvement opportunities, and reduced downtime, leading to increased OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and Quality improvements. Additionally, having access to detailed reports about alerts will help you better understand what is happening on the factory floor so that you can adjust processes accordingly.

Sage Clarity’s OneView innovative tool allows you to monitor the efficiency of individual production lines, plants, or your entire operation in real time. With OneView, you can ensure that everyone in your organization is looking at the same production metrics and working towards the same goals — creating a unified front that will help you optimize your operations. Let’s take a closer look at how this powerful system works.

With access to real-time manufacturing analytics, managers can quickly identify problems before they become more significant — saving time and money in the long run. Plus, because it integrates seamlessly with existing business intelligence systems, it’s easy for organizations of any size to get up and running quickly with minimal effort required on their part.

Unlock efficiency and productivity with Sage Clarity’s IIoT solutions.

Embracing Industry 4.0 and IIoT makes any manufacturer stronger and more competitive. With Sage Clarity’s IIoT solutions, factory managers enjoy a near-omniscient view of production throughout the organization. The capability to gather data across all facets of your organization in real-time delivers significant benefits:

  • Greater productivity: Organizations that understand how and where production bottlenecks occur can better fix them before incurring costly downtime.
  • Lower production costs: According to PwC research, enterprises cut 3.6% on average when they harness IIoT solutions.
  • Better resource management: With better data on productivity and production, organizations can plan and allocate resources most efficiently. The result is more productivity and lower costs, leading to better profit margins.
  • Attract better talent. Manufacturers are facing a historic labor shortage, so attracting and retaining the right talent is more critical than ever. Organizations that embrace Industry 4.0’s digital technologies are better able to attract young, talented workers. With the proper communication from your organization’s leaders, you can instill a sense of purpose among all workers on the factory floor, showing they’re making a difference by embracing digital transformation.

Manufacturing managers know that without proper monitoring, it can be challenging to identify areas where improvement could be beneficial or even necessary. Sage Clarity’s IIoT solutions empower managers with access to information that would otherwise remain hidden. By leveraging this technology and its extensive capabilities, organizations will benefit from better visibility into their operations and increased productivity across the board. So get ready to unlock hidden potential with Sage Clarity’s IIoT solutions.