Food Engineering Magazine OEE Case Study Article: Pepsi Adopts Real-Time Digital Technology Tool for a ‘Quick-Win’

Food Engineering OEE Case Study Article G&J Pepsi

21 May Food Engineering Magazine OEE Case Study Article: Pepsi Adopts Real-Time Digital Technology Tool for a ‘Quick-Win’

The following is an excerpt from Food Engineering Magazine’s OEE case study article authored by Grant Gerke spotlights G&J Pepsi and their use ABLE & One View accelerator application suite. The article spotlights how G&J Pepsi unlocked real-time data to access crucial KPIs and hidden efficiencies using Sage Clarity’s ABLE and One View accelerator application suite. The article identifies problems G&J Pepsi encountered with minor production stoppages and lack of visibility on the root causes of downtime and solutions used to gain quick wins.

“Food and beverage companies are seeking quick wins and ‘proof of technology’ projects that lead to increased efficiencies while also focusing on digital strategy roadmaps so manufacturers can scale.

Change is a constant in manufacturing. The “9th Annual State of Smart Manufacturing” report from Rockwell Automation shows that “change management and training employees on updated (technology) processes are the top two workforce-related obstacles” for companies. Besides training existing employees, food and beverage companies are also experiencing increased turnover in end-of-line operations.

To alleviate these problems, food manufacturers are turning to digital technologies and tools with minimal integration for quick wins on key performance indicators (KPIs) and the enterprise picture. Companies are mapping out information data models and strategies that allow for scale. While artificial intelligence (AI) receives much attention, standards or information data models are needed as a foundation and to scale efficiency gains across multiple plants.”

Blind Spots and Improving Uptime at Pepsi

“Recently, G&J Pepsi adopted Sage Clarity’s automated data acquisition tool, ABLE, and its One View accelerator app suite to increase uptime for its four manufacturing facilities. G&J Pepsi bottles and distributes more than 30 beverage brands while overseeing 700 stock-keeping units (SKUs) at four facilities. The problem facing G&J Pepsi was a need for accurate data visibility into production stoppages due to manual data collection via operators for OEE.”

“With this type of volume, G&J Pepsi wanted automated and real-time reporting of production stoppages but needed a technology solution to meet the immediate need. Before implementation, G&J Pepsi documented five stops/week on a line. However, after implementing the real-time data platform, the actual numbers proved to be more than 75 stops a day, or about 375 stops a week.”

“The real ‘ah-ha’ moment was when we could see the MTBF number and lines stopping every three minutes, and the best line was stopping every 16.5 minutes,” says Jeff Erwin, VP of manufacturing and quality at G&J Pepsi. “With the real-time insights into performance, we’ve been able to increase MTBF to 30, 40, and in some instances 50 minutes MTBF, so we know the true value the data acquisition solution brings.”

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