Case Study: G&J Pepsi

28 Feb Case Study: G&J Pepsi

Case Study:
Accelerator Apps for
Digital Transformation

Accelerator Apps for Digital Transformation

G&J Pepsi was founded in 1925 and is the largest family-owned and operated Pepsi franchise bottler producing, selling, and distributing over 30 beverage brands and roughly 700 SKUs /products throughout Ohio and northern Kentucky. G&J Pepsi has four manufacturing sites and five regional warehouse distribution facilities. G&J employs 1,950 employees who market, sell, produce, warehouse, provide vending, pick-to-order, and deliver to merchandisers at companies like Walmart and Kroger.

Advanced data collection, extensive reporting, accelerated results.

After implementing the solution, G&J Pepsi realized that with enterprise data visibility, they could view in real-time when their machines were stopping and that their efficiencies and OEE were much lower than they’d initially thought. By accounting for every second of the day, they saw accurately how their efficiency numbers across their eight lines were as much as 10% below previous reports.

From G&J Pepsi

By automatically tagging downtime, we are taking analytics to a new level with ABLE. It provides good analytical root-cause data mining at the PLC level, while One-View gives an executive summary for someone who doesn’t need to dive into the details but still wants to see performance.

~ Jeff Erwin, VP of Manufacturing and Quality
G&J Pepsi, 
Cincinnati, OH

  • Location – Cincinnati, OH
  • Industry: Food & Beverage
  • Website:


  • Manual Data Collection
  • Production Interruptions
  • Inaccurate Production Reporting
  • Increasing Costs of Production
  • Increased Personnel Turnover


  • Sage Clarity Accelerator Apps deployed across 4 sites

Benefits and ROI

  • 70% Reduction in Engineering Time
  • 5X Improvement in Data Fidelity
  • Speed to Value: Approx. 4 Weeks (Per Site)
  • Enterprise Visibility of Downtime and Performance
  • Real-time Visibility of Minor Stops
  • Cost Savings and Capital Avoidance
  • Cloud Deployment for Ease of Implementation and Maintenance
  • Digital Transformation Tied to Cultural Transformation

Real-Time IoT Root Cause Analysis for Manufacturing Operations. Ask our team how.