Benchmarking OEE with EMI

22 Feb Benchmarking OEE with EMI

Benchmarking OEE

EMI brings packaging line performance analysis to life.

Are you Best-in-Class, Average, or Laggard?

How much do you really know about your packaging operation? Best-in-class OEE performers know where 99% of the day went. Laggards on the other hand, have no clue where 16.2% of the day went. Think about it this way—would you rather not know where your 10-year-old kid is 15 minutes of the day, or nearly 4 hours of the day? This level of knowledge in the manufacturing world is just as critical, because you can’t solve problems until you identify them.

One size does not fit all:

  • If a plant’s OEE is greater than 70%, work on 3 things: equipment failures, operational failures, and minor stops.
  • If a plant is in the middle of the pack, they should focus on equipment failures, operational downtime, and minor stops.
  • If a plant is with the laggards, they should prioritize shutdowns, equipment failures, minor stops, and quality issues.

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