Sage Clarity Releases Breakthrough Manufacturing Operations Benchmark

09 Mar Sage Clarity Releases Breakthrough Manufacturing Operations Benchmark

Benchmark Insight for Fast Moving Consumer Goods Manufacturing OrganizationsBenchmark data

CHICAGO, IL—March 16th 2016— Sage Clarity, a leader in Cloud-based supply chain and manufacturing solutions, has released a benchmark to help organizations determine where to focus when developing improvement initiatives. During 2015, Epicor Software Corporation in a joint benchmarking initiative with Sage Clarity studied over 100 global manufacturing operations worldwide to benchmark performance and correlate over 20 manufacturing KPIs. Researchers applied Big Data techniques for benchmarking Real-time production data analyzed over a 3-month period. Over 500,000 unique manufacturing loss categories were analyzed.

Researchers used the Epicor Informance Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence Suite and Clarity advisory services to collect data, derive insight and discover correlations to operational success of tactical and strategic actions. Data was organized into Best in Class, Average and Laggard groupings, to determine top, middle and bottom performers. The study correlates behaviors of all levels of performers and KPIs.

“By using actual data and applying our methodology, manufacturing organizations can truly understand how they stack up among their peers,” said John Oskin, CEO, Sage Clarity. “All organizations, no matter how high they rank always have areas to improve. Organizations who rank on the lower end of the scale also can immediately determine where to start their improvement efforts. For example, we have found that top performers understand downtime at a rate 30x more than lower performers.”

“Unique benchmarks such as this one from Sage Clarity offer very actionable insights for manufacturing organizations,” said Matthew Littlefield, President and Principle Analyst at LNS Research. “Combining findings from this benchmark, along with LNS’s upcoming series ‘Metrics That Matter’ can offer the industry strategic and operational direction for organizations who wish to improve their competitiveness.”

About Sage Clarity

Located in Chicago, Sage Clarity is developing solutions to enable the “Next Generation Manufacturing Enterprise.” Sage Clarity is a leading provider of Manufacturing Intelligence solutions, developing cutting edge concepts to elevate manufacturing visibility and performance. By combining best-of-breed software capabilities with advisory services, Sage Clarity delivers comprehensive solutions enabling enterprises to achieve a higher level of manufacturing and supply chain performance with real time visibility and valuable insights into manufacturing operations.

Sage Clarity is offering benchmark briefings.  Check out the executive summary.