Factory of the Future! Value from Digital Transformation – Jeff Erwin of G&J Pepsi Cola Bottlers

19 Mar Factory of the Future! Value from Digital Transformation – Jeff Erwin of G&J Pepsi Cola Bottlers

Factory of the Future! Value from Digital Transformation

The digital transformation is about using technologies to re-imagine processes and products in new innovative ways that bring operational excellence and value to the organization. It’s all about real-time information, data and intuitive tools that enables innovative and actionable decision-making in operations and production. It’s about using technologies in new ways that enable the user experience and adapt to the corporate culture. From the IT/OT convergence with technologies like MES, MOM, simulation, and analytics including AI, OEE and other production technologies that are optimizing production and enabling sustainability. The digital transformation is ultimately about optimizing processes with positive business outcomes. The focus of this session will be on new technologies that are digitally transforming production, optimizing production processes while bringing measurable value to the organization.

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