Quality Management – At All Levels, Plant Or Across The Enterprise

Quality Mangement

Quality Management Software

Gain actionable insight into quality control opportunities at all levels in your business – plant level and/or across the entire enterprise – from customer’s customer to supplier’s supplier if needed.

  • Consolidate multiple environments and increase quality data accuracy
  • Centralized Quality Hub and dashboards
  • Track and trace quality throughout the entire supply chain
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Workflow Management • Increased visibility and traceability • Multi-level data mining

Gain actionable insight with InfinityQS quality management software.

  • Real-time Statistical Process Control
  • Scrap reduction
  • Compliance and Auditing
  • Vendor Quality

Quality Management • Centralized Quality Hub • Increased Visibility

Global Quality Visibility

Global Visibility

Quality Management at a Company-wide Scale

Implement and manage your quality initiatives

  • Consistency across the enterprise.
  • Compare quality performance across plants.
  • Consolidate multiple environments and increase quality data accuracy.


Improve Efficiency and Compliance

Be ready for audits and compliance with ease.

  • Easily Trace quality of raw materials from receiving to final goods
  • Readily available documentation for recalls
  • Ultimate flexibility – history, locations, applications, materials and other means required to document
Traceability For Audits and Compliance

Collaborate with Suppliers

Supplier quality affects quality. InfinityQS allows you to collaborate with suppliers all the way into their manufacturing systems.

  • Better understanding and control of supplier products
  • Reduce inventory concerns with less bad supplier quality
  • Real-time views

Efficient Quality Management to Boost ROI

An end-to-end solution for the overall supply chain giving you the data you need to improve supplier quality, and traceability for auditing purposes.

  • Improve supplier quality
  • Efficiency improve finished goods quality
  • Increase overall efficiency
Quality Management At All Levels
Quality Management

Enterprise Reporting

Operational Insights Across Your Enterprise

A consistent experience across multiple platforms—desktop, tablet, smartphone—with real-time reporting so you can be proactive and keep your production humming.

  • Dynamic dashboard view of KPIs and quality metrics
  • Customizable Reports & Visualizations
  • Multi-level Data Mining

Workflow Management

Encapsulate tribal knowledge and incorporate regulatory compliance

  • Create and incorporate a systematic approach to collecting key data
  • Automated and roll-based actions
  • Reminders, timers, alerts and escalations
Workflow Management

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