Revolutionary Quality Intelligence Software

Quality Management at all levels—plant, warehouse, or across the enterprise.

Quality Mangement

Quality Management Software

Gain actionable insight into quality control opportunities at all levels in your business – plant level and/or across the entire enterprise – from customer’s customer to supplier’s supplier if needed.

  • Cloud based Quality Intelligence enables unprecedented speed of deployment
  • Mobile quality management; essential in today’s industry 4.0 world
  • Revolutionary manufacturing process modeling and part workflow
  • Consolidate multiple environments and increase quality data accuracy
  • Centralized Quality Hub and dashboards
  • Track and trace quality throughout the entire supply chain

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Improve Efficiency and Compliance

Be ready for audits and compliance with ease.

  • Easily Trace quality of raw materials from receiving to final goods
  • Readily available documentation for recalls
  • Ultimate flexibility – history, locations, applications, materials and other means required to document

Global Visibility

Quality Management at a Company-wide Scale

Implement and manage your quality initiatives

  • Consistency across the enterprise.
  • Compare quality performance across plants.
  • Consolidate multiple environments and increase quality data accuracy.

Efficient Quality Management to Boost ROI

An end-to-end solution for the overall supply chain giving you the data you need to improve supplier quality, and traceability for auditing purposes.

  • Improve supplier quality
  • Efficiency improve finished goods quality
  • Increase overall efficiency

Collaborate with Suppliers

Supplier quality affects quality. InfinityQS® allows you to collaborate with suppliers all the way into their manufacturing systems.

  • Better understanding and control of supplier products
  • Reduce inventory concerns with less bad supplier quality
  • Real-time views

enact qms logoNext generation quality intelligence at all levels of your enterprise with InfinityQS®.

Process Models & Part Recipes

  • Enact’s® process modeling lets you define data collections at various points of your process flow.
  • Process models consist of inputs, operations, and outputs.
  • Using process models with part recipes documents all the steps in the production process to give you unprecedented visibility of your operations.

Operator Dashboards

Improve Workflow Management

Encapsulate tribal knowledge and incorporate regulatory compliance

  • Workers use the Data Collection tile to quickly review only relevant collections.
  • The Notifications alert operators to any rule violations and timed data collections.
  • Operators see a prioritized view of their data streams that need attention in the Stream Summary tile.

Data Stream Grading

Overview of performance across all your sites

Data stream grading provides a visual report  to analyze performance across parts, lines, processes, and sites. Quickly determine where to focus your organization’s attention for greatest ROI and most effective quality improvements.

  • Grading will help you quickly identify which sites have the most opportunity for improvement.
  • See where you’re falling short of Potential Yield and measure against site potential.
  • The visual display of data stream grading will help you make the biggest impact on quality as quickly as possible.

Enterprise Reporting

Operational Insights Across Your Enterprise

Real-time reporting across multiple platforms—desktop, tablet, smartphone—to create a consistent experience so you can be proactive and keep your production humming.

  • Dynamic dashboard view of KPIs and quality metrics
  • Customizable Reports & Visualizations
  • Multi-level Data Mining

Enact® the future of quality management

Learn how tailored quality intelligence enables faster, better decision making.

Transform your manufacturing operations

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