Video: ABLE – Cloud based IOT solution

24 Aug Video: ABLE – Cloud based IOT solution

ABLE is a lightweight, root-cause IoT solution that leverages OPC technology and allows enterprises to simplify control architectures for complex production lines.

High-volume manufacturing in the food and beverage industry thrives on standardization to pull through efficiencies, be it control architectures, processing equipment or supply chain strategies.

The goal of enterprise plant standards for multiple sites aims to scale equipment and automation platforms for multiple sites, while providing consistent plant floor data to improve operational efficiencies in an easier fashion. Advances in industrial networking technologies and cloud solutions are now key enablers that can provide high-volume food companies the ability to “see” consistent plant floor data.

ABLE  that performs root-cause analysis via cloud based modeling of machine centers for many types of manufacturing applications, including the food and beverage industry. The solution coupled with OPC-UA technology via Kepware ServerEX and its custom interface drivers forms an industrial IOT solution for high volume production lines that can automatically identify the source of downtime.

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