Sage Clarity Recognized Among Top 10 Supply Chain Management Solutions

15 Feb Sage Clarity Recognized Among Top 10 Supply Chain Management Solutions

Supply Chain ManagementSage Clarity Software makes it to Manufacturing Tech Insights Top 10 Supply Chain Management Solutions Providers list for its expertise in combining the best of breed manufacturing applications with rich data visualization to enhance supply chain performance.

Supply Chain Management affects manufacturers in multifarious ways from the availability of inputs required for production, cost reduction, increased profitability of manufactured items, to the ways the IT infrastructure is built to facilitate manufacturer, distributor, and customer interactions.

However, the multiple logistics processes—planning, procuring, manufacturing, and distributing—often create silos of information that slowdown supply chain operations. Addressing the challenge is a Chicago-based Sage Clarity that leverages the “tech-savvy workforce” to break the aforementioned information silos. “Employees regardless of education are tech savvy. They all have smartphones, use social media and multitask. We are developing solutions in manufacturing supply chain arena that leverage this aspect to facilitate seamless information flow,” says John Oskin, CEO, Sage Clarity.

One of the Sage Clarity’s strongest mobile initiatives dedicated to enhance Supply Chain Management comes in the form of One View. As its name suggests, One View brings together data from disparate data sources to give manufacturers immediate visibility into operational metrics with defined time periods such as week-to-date, month-to-date and year-to-date into “One View”. A key feature is the inclusion of in-context social collaboration where employees engage with each other through messaging. “This is like a messaging app with streaming comments,” says Oskin, and adds, “If a supply chain executive is in One View, looking at a week to date view of Schedule adherence, he can send a text and everyone on the network, can not only see his comment posted, but also the data view he was looking at when he made the comment.” In addition to its dashboard and scorecard data views, One View also includes a goal-setting module with what-if analysis. Executives from different supply chain operations can use the application to view real-time performance data and collaborate with other executives responsible for those metrics.

Besides its One View mobile supply chain solution, the company also sports its expertise in manufacturing IoT arena with a rich set applications focusing on supply chain analytics, leveraging the ocean of big data generated by connected devices. “By providing real-time capabilities, we focus on shallow-dives—quick reviews of information relevant and pertinent to the objectives of the business,” says Oskin.

In one instance, a large food & beverage manufacturer wanted to improve manufacturing and supply chain operations. Sage Clarity provided a collaborative framework for real-time analytics that used data from plant-floor, Supply Chain Management and quality-analysis systems. Using this framework, personnel from shop floor operators to senior management were able to have necessary information at their fingertips to view data and make course corrections in the supply chain. “Rather than reviewing a 50 page slide deck at the end of the month, data is viewed in real-time on everyone’s own time so the management can focus on action rather than data presentations,” remarks Oskin.

Sage Clarity is involved in developing and testing innovative supply chain management solutions in partnership with Fortune 50 companies and premier universities. Through this initiative, Sage Clarity is developing methodologies and the related technologies to fully enable supply chain visibility and collaboration—providing real-time dynamic information facilitating responses to rapidly changing conditions across a supply chain. “The work within our innovation lab can provide a glimpse into a part of our roadmap: enabling real-time visibility and collaboration across the extended supply chain,” says Oskin. “We are developing a library of metric apps that any organization can leverage to serve each member of their supply chain community, enabling collaboration up, down, or across the supply chain,” he concludes.

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