April 4, 2024 – On Demand – Webinar: ABLE Real-Time IoT Root Cause Analysis for Manufacturing Operations

13 Dec April 4, 2024 – On Demand – Webinar: ABLE Real-Time IoT Root Cause Analysis for Manufacturing Operations

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Join Sage Clarity on this webinar to explore how ABLE can accelerate digital transformations with advanced data collection for OEE and MES solutions. Learn how deploying Sage Clarity’s ABLE application in your environment can accelerate and drive OEE uplift, avoid problems before they occur, and reduce engineering time by up 70%. If you are looking for real-time OEE data that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing ERP, CMS, or Production Management system this webinar is for you.

How is ABLE Different?

ABLE is a data collection accelerator that models production lines, integrates IoT edge data into business systems, and provides intelligent root-cause analysis for downtime and production issues. ABLE is a no-code service that operates in between the automation layer and your existing MES, SCADA, or ERP. ABLE enhances manufacturing analytics by identifying the root cause, not symptoms, of line stops and inefficiencies.

ABLE can be used as a data pipeline for manufacturing analytics, a next-gen Andon system, and a middleware for IIoT data integration. It requires no programming at the control layer as it pulls raw data from the equipment and coalesces states, reasons, and counts using a configurable template-oriented logic engine. ABLE reduces integration costs, PLC programming, and change management by using auto-tagging and cloud-based configuration.

In this webinar we share how ABLE accelerates:

  • Fault learning from the machines with no operator interaction needed
  • Modeling of equipment cells, connected lines, and process equipment across a broad span of manufacturing environments with no modification to PLC logic
  • Calculating of uptime and downtime per machine as well as per line in sequence with rich data that is organically adopted by users – from the plant floor to the executive team
  • Next generation manufacturing tools so you can focus on production output
  • Automatic alerts and notifications that empower your team to evaluate downtime reasons for an OEE uplift
  • Real time analytics and factory view of asset health including mean time between failure (MTBF), mean time to repair (MTTR), downtime, and stoppage

Also learn about some of the key ABLE benefits:

  • 15% improvement in production within 6 months
  • 70% reduction in engineering time
  • 5X improvement in data fidelity
  • Speed to value: Approx. 4 weeks (per site)
  • Enterprise visibility of downtime and performance
  • Real-time visibility of minor stops
  • Cost savings and capital avoidance
  • Cloud deployment for ease of implementation and maintenance
  • Analytics for everyone – from the plant floor personnel to management
  • Digital transformation tied to cultural transformation
  • And so much more!

Testimonial from G&J Pepsi

“ABLE is essentially our first line of defense for monitoring production stops, providing the faults at the PLC level…By auto-tagging downtime with ABLE, we are taking insight to a new level with the analytics.”

– Jeff Erwin, VP Manufacturing and Quality at G&J Pepsi.