June 20, 2024 – Webinar: Next-Gen ANDON Process Correction and Improvement Accelerator

21 Jan June 20, 2024 – Webinar: Next-Gen ANDON Process Correction and Improvement Accelerator

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Join Sage Clarity on this webinar to explore how accelerator applications such as our Next-Gen ANDON improve communication between operators and engineers. With a combined system of digital signage on the production floor, Andon lights, and email alerts, Next-Gen ANDON enables better continuous improvement opportunities and reduces downtime to boost OEE and quality improvements quickly. If you are looking for a powerful way to unite automation and people as a team using real-time intelligent alarms, alerts, and engineer-to-operator collaboration, this Next-Gen ANDON webinar is for you.

How is Sage Clarity’s Next-Gen ANDON Different?

Our Next-Gen Andon software goes beyond traditional Andon systems to track issues, trigger alerts for responsive action, create workflow for follow up and accountability and build a knowledgebase of corrective actions.   You’ll be able to do more than provide alerts, now you’ll know what line was down and why—across your entire enterprise. and is a powerful way to unite automation and people as a team.

Next-Gen ANDON is an interrupt-driven issue response accelerator. With Next-Gen ANDON, anyone who spots an issue can capture it, trigger alerts, and collaborate with experts. The system also creates follow-ups to ensure problem resolution and monitor corrective actions. In addition, Next-Gen ANDON features an API library enables the “connected worker” functionality to be embedded in MES, EAM, ERP, HMI, and other systems.

In this webinar we explore the benefits of deploying Next-Gen ANDON to:

  • Show key-performance indicators and other results to help team members keep the production process on target
  • Message, report, and broadcast alerts to enable operators, production, and management to see equipment condition at-a-glance
  • Initiate role-based alarms to notify the right person, at the right time, based on alarm type and location
  • Implement with or without Andon lights
  • Integrate with your existing MES, EAM, or ERP systems
  • Generate digital alerts on operator HMIs and factory floor displays
  • Track alerts such as equipment issue, response time, and resolution time
  • Generate analytics to help improve OEE over time
  • Integrate machine related and non-machine related issues
  • And more!

Testimonial from Cook Medical:

“Andon provides both a visual and an audible alert to everyone that a ticket has been created, and a separate sound and separate Andon condition indicates that it is now being responded to and the operator and manager all know it’s going to get serviced and when. By day two, we started to realize the benefit of implementing Andon. As soon as we were seeing the tickets on the flat-panel TVs and hearing the audible alerts, we were realizing the benefit of the Andon System from Sage Clarity.”

– Jay P. Roling, engineering manager – Doppler Products, CVI at Cook Vandergrift, Inc., Vandergrift, PA, USA