Case Study: Unilever

28 Sep Case Study: Unilever

Epicor Informance EMI captures accurate downtime and accelerates TPM initiative.

For more than two years, Unilever has been implementing total productive maintenance (TPM) but found manually collected data was hard to utilize. Implementing the Epicor Informance EMI system enables the manufacturing plants to target and prioritize opportunities for productivity improvement. Epicor Informance has been rolled out division-wide in more than 15 plants to date.

Productivity Challenges

Unilever relies on overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) to judge the success of its TPM initiative. According to Tony Lippert, plant manager at the Elgin, Illinois facility where Epicor Informance was initially piloted, OEE is by far the best indication of line performance. The corporate standard is to measure OEE at the filler. At the plant-level, operational effectiveness (OE) and cost per ton are additional key metrics.

Learn how Unilever teamed up with Sage Clarity to deploy enterprise manufacturing intelligence software to improve their bottom line.

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