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Case Study: The Central America Bottling Corporation

Filling up on Efficiency With Epicor Informance® EMI and Sage Clarity The Central America Bottling Corporation (CBC) is a multinational beverage corporation— operating in Central America, the Caribbean, and South America—with the industry’s largest portfolio of products in the region. It manufactures both PEPSICO products…

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OEE Benchmark

2017 OEE Benchmark Study

CHICAGO, IL—April 27th 2016— Sage Clarity, a leader in Cloud-based supply chain and manufacturing solutions, has released its 2017 annual OEE benchmark study to help organizations determine where to focus when developing improvement initiatives. During the past year, Sage Clarity studied global manufacturing operations worldwide…

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Root Cause Analysis tool

Root Cause Analysis solution for packaging lines

High volume, food manufacturing lines thrive on standardization to pull through operational efficiencies, be it control architectures, processing systems or supply chains. Managing multiple plant standardization within an enterprise has been a great challenge for the last twenty years in the food and beverage industry, often due to integrating acquired companies.

For the food and beverage industry, identifying the source of downtime on fast-moving packaging or production lines can be difficult. However, advances in industrial networking technologies and cloud solutions are now enabling companies to be nimble and targeted with improvements for operational efficiencies.

In 2016, Chicago-based Sage Clarity introduced its Auto-tagging Business Logic Engine (ABLE) application that performs root-cause analysis via cloud-based modeling of machine centers for many types of manufacturing applications, including food and beverage.

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Food Engineering Benchmark study

Food Engineering Benchmark Study reveals…

Food Engineering Benchmark Study: March Issue Breakthrough Manufacturing Benchmarking in the Era of Big Data Operational performance benchmarks take numerous flavors. Some studies build a set of relevant questions and have respondents answer based on how they think their plant is performing. These can be…

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Benchmark data

Sage Clarity Releases Breakthrough Manufacturing Operations Benchmark

Sage Clarity, a leader in Cloud-based supply chain and manufacturing solutions, has released a benchmark to help organizations determine where to focus when developing improvement initiatives. During 2015, Epicor Software Corporation in in a joint benchmarking initiative with Sage Clarity studied over 100 global manufacturing operations worldwide to benchmark performance and correlate over 20 manufacturing KPIs. Researchers applied Big Data techniques for benchmarking Real-time production data analyzed over a 3-month period. Over 500,000 unique manufacturing loss categories were analyzed.

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Supply Chain Management

Sage Clarity Recognized Among Top 10 Supply Chain Management Solutions

FREMONT, CA—February 5, 2016—Sage Clarity Software makes it to Manufacturing Tech Insights’ Top 10 Supply Chain Management Solutions Providers list for its expertise in combining the best of breed manufacturing applications with rich data visualization to enhance supply chain performance.
Annual list showcases the Top 10 Supply Chain Management Solutions Providers 2016. The positioning is based on evaluation of Sage Clarity Software’s specialties in providing combining best of breed software applications with unique advisory services to enhance supply chain performance. The annual list of companies is selected by a panel of experts and members of Manufacturing Tech Insights’ editorial board to recognize and promote Technology entrepreneurship.

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Supply Chain Collaboration

Sage Clarity Selected by CIO Review for its 20 Most Promising Collaboration Solution Providers

FREMONT, CA—December 10th 2015—CIO Review ( has chosen Sage Clarity ( for its 20 Most Promising Collaboration Technology Solution Providers 2015 list. The selection is based on Sage Clarity’s creative mobile analytics technology solutions that advance the way the manufacturing supply chain world works. Sage Clarity provides tools, technologies and advisory services, which enables better decision-making, clarity and insight for manufacturing organizations. A unique capability of Sage Clarity’s offerings is to enable collaboration of KPIs and analytics leveraging other collaboration platforms such as Microsoft ( NASDAQ: MSFT )Yammer.

Read CIO Review article here: Sage Clarity Real-Time Supply Chain Analytics with the OneView Mobile Platform

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The Folly of Deep Data Diving

How to Transition into Real Time KPIs

Data-driven decision-making has become over- whelming for many industries. Pressures and responses to such concerns as globalization, performance margins, integrating supply chains and balancing costs with customer service have produced voluminous amounts of data at previously unthinkable levels. Read about a five step process to make sense of the ocean of data and migrate from static to real-time KPIs.

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Manufacturing Today: Key Performance Indicators

Information overload is more prevalent than ever in today’s manufacturing industry. According to Adrian Ott in her book The 24-Hour Customer, people see more than 34 billion pieces of information (the equivalent of two books) every day. With the wide adoption of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, executives and other decision makers involved in managing the supply chain can drown in emails, work-related conversations and numerous key performance indicators (KPIs). The good news is: there are solutions. Newer approaches to managing information, such as shallow-dive analytics, indirect KPIs and real-time KPIs can help companies manage the fire hose of information and bring more insight to business decisions. These new approaches do not reduce the amount of information. Rather, they focus business teams on providing the right insights for optimal decision making.

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