10 Jul 3 Things to Consider for your Supply Chain Analytics Strategy

(and not get frustrated) A recent article in Digital Supply Chain Magazine points to research from Deloitte Consulting which offers a tremendous business case for supply chain analytics.  Deloitte states that: “… manufacturing companies can realize a margin improvement of 2 to 4 percent by applying...

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27 Jun Can You Manage Your Supply Chain on a Smartphone?

          According to a recent report by KPMG, technology platforms that support real-time business intelligence is one of the top strategies and tactics to be deployed by manufacturers.  The report, entitled Global Manufacturing Outlook 2014: Performance in the crosshairs, is based on a survey of management from...

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10 Jun Informance Scoreboard/Scorecard Module

The Informance Performance Scoreboard is an Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) solution that blends real-time metrics, rich analytics and production alerts and notifications delivered on large format displays throughout the factory. With “up to the second” information, the plant floor workforce can now quickly see and...

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When Planning Rates Fail Us

12 Mar When Planning Rates Fail Us

Studies show that 30 percent of SKUs in a typical manufacturing facility have at least 10 percent error between the current planning rate used and the ideal, "desired" planning rate. Most manufacturers aren't even aware of this problem. That's why frequent, detailed analysis -- reviewed...

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Food And Beverage PackagingOperations

08 Mar Best-in-class benchmark study: Food & Beverage packaging operations

Manufacturing enterprises gain competitive advantages when they focus on operational excellence initiatives like Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Total Productive Maintenance and other continuous improvement methods. They set goals to unlock capacity and reduce inventory and labor costs, while increasing productivity without additional capital investment. Leading...

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Food Engineering Benchmark - Asset Utilization

06 Mar Food Engineering Benchmark: Asset Utilization

A more disciplined approach to asset utilization is being adopted as food and beverage companies push the outer limits of what is possible in existing facilities. As manufacturers try to squeeze more production from assets, there’s an accelerating focus on lean manufacturing, Six Sigma and...

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