Webinar Manufacturing KPIs

20 Oct Webinar: Manufacturing KPIs – 50 to 10 KPIs

Fewer than 20% of companies say that “everyone” in their business gets the numbers they need to make day-to-day decisions (according to The Advanced Performance Institute). To steer the business properly, leaders need a long list of KPIs – usually on a monthly basis. That...

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20 Oct Analytics Which Align with Business Initiatives

Back in 2012, Gartner Group stated that by 2014, fewer than 30% of business intelligence initiatives will align with enterprise business drivers. As we enter the final quarter of 2014, do we feel Gartner is right? The key question is how are organizations falling within...

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Real-time KPIs

30 Jul From 50 KPI’s to 10: Moving from Static to Real-time KPIs

Rethinking your company's KPI strategy A recent study by The Advanced Performance Institute entitled 20 Years of Measuring and Managing Business Performance revealed the fact that less that 20% of companies state everyone obtains regular insights (usually using Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs) which improve day-to-day...

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21 Jul The Rise of Mini Apps in Business Intelligence

We have seen so much recent attention on large tech companies “unbundling” their apps.  The term unbundling in the app-world refers to the process of breaking up an app into smaller apps – “mini-apps”.  Most companies do this to provide a more streamlined user experience. ...

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