Quality Management – At All Levels, Plant Or Across The Enterprise

Quality Mangement

Quality Management

Gain actionable insight into quality control opportunities at all levels in your business – plant level and/or across the entire enterprise – from customer’s customer to supplier’s supplier if needed.

  • Consolidate multiple environments and increase quality data accuracy
  • Centralized Quality Hub and dashboards
  • Track and trace quality throughout the entire supply chain
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Workflow Management • Increased visibility and traceability • Multi-level data mining

Gain actionable insight with infinityqs quality mangement software.

  • Real-time Statistical Process Control
  • Scrap reduction
  • Compliance and Auditing
  • Vendor Quality

Quality Management • Centralized Quality Hub • Increased Visibility

Global Quality Visibility

Global Quality Visibility

Implement and manage your quality initiatives

  • Consistency across the enterprise.
  • Compare quality performance across plants.
  • Consolidate multiple environments and increase quality data accuracy.


Less pain for audits and compliance

  • Easily Trace quality of Raw Materials from receiving to final goods
  • Readily available documentation for recalls
  • Ultimate flexibility – history, locations, applications, materials and other means required to document
Traceability For Audits and Compliance

Supplier Quality Affects Profitability

Collaborate with suppliers all the way into their manufacturing systems

  • Better understanding and control of supplier products
  • Reduce inventory concerns with less bad supplier quality
  • Real-time views

Efficient Quality Management Everywhere

An end-to-end solution for the overall supply chain

  • Improve supplier quality
  • Efficiency improve finished goods quality
  • Overall efficiency
Quality Management At All Levels
Quality Management

Enterprise Reporting

A consistent experience across multiple platforms and devices – desktop, tablet, smartphone

  • Dynamic dashboard view of KPIs and quality metrics
  • Customizable Reports & Visualizations
  • Multi-level Data Mining

Workflow Management

Encapsulate tribal knowledge and incorporate regulatory compliance

  • Create and incorporate a systematic approach to collecting key data
  • Automated and roll-based actions
  • Reminders, timers, alerts and escalations
Workflow Management

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